Dorothy Good was the four year old daughter of Sarah Good

Historic Dorothy[edit | edit source]

Dorothy was a shy, soft spoken child. When visited by the Salem officials, Dorothy claimed to have a pet snake, which had bitten her finger. The snake was given to her by her mother. The officials determined that this meant the snake was a "familiar" to a witch (her mother).  Dorothy was taken to Salem Jail on March 24 and examined for three days by the magistrates: John Hathorne, Jonathan Corwin, and Nathaniel Higginson. 

Testimony against Dorothy Good.

She was eventually moved to Boston Jail. Like the other men and women accused of witchcraft, Dorothy spent her days in shackles and chains. She was only able to move a finger. She was also subject to the torture and abuse of prison. 

Dorothy was in prison for a total of nine months, many of those after her mother and the others from Salem were hanged. By the time she was freed from prison, Dorothy had lost her mind. She received reparations from the State of Massachusetts for her care. 

Arresting dorothy.jpg

Dorothy's name was miswritten by John Hathorne on the arrest warrant as "Dorcas."


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